Which Golden Girl are you?

I’m Sophia Petrillo and I’ll tell you why…

Helen Redfern


Sophia Petrillo on my iPad. My comfort viewing of choice. Image by Helen Redfern.

I’d already firmly decided that I’m Sophia but I took one of those silly quizzes online and it turns out, they agree with me.

Why am I like Sophia?

Is it because I have the wit and quick comebacks? Well, yes I do have those — when I’m in the mood, it sometimes takes too much effort — but this isn’t what I was thinking of.

Is it because I have truthful insights? Again, this is something Sophia and I have in common — we may be outspoken but this is because we care and are trying to help and shield people from the wrong path or from pain.

No, the real reason for my similarities with Sophia is the fact we both have something we carry with us everywhere.

Sophia has a solid and practical wicker ‘purse’ as those of you from America call it.

I have a jute and cotton handbag with a leather handle. I call it my ‘house handbag’ as it only goes around the house with me. Never outside.

Have you tried carrying all your books, notebooks, pens and post-its around with you in your hands just in case you need them? They follow you from your desk, to the kitchen, to the sofa and your bedroom. It’s a side effect of being a reader and a writer. You want those important items close to you at all times. Just in case you have a thought and need to note it down. Just in case you have a spare ten minutes and fancy reading a book instead of scrolling on your phone.

But try carrying your water and a cup of coffee at the same time as all this paraphernalia. It’s impossible and there’s the risk of spilling hot coffee on your bare feet — I know because I’ve done it. No, you need a house handbag to pack everything in and to follow you on your journey around the house as the day ticks by.

My ‘house handbag’. Image by Helen Redfern.

Sophia’s handbag goes everywhere with her. She’s carrying it when she wakes up in the middle of the night and shuffles into the kitchen to find Dorothy, Blanche and Rose. She’s carrying it when Dorothy and Rose are plumbing a new toilet and she needs to use the…



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