My Favourite Recent Reads on Medium #3

Are you a planner, do you love process articles about writing and do you struggle with fear? If so read on…

Helen Redfern
3 min readJul 1, 2022


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It’s been a quiet few weeks for me on here as I couldn’t face reading or writing during my Covid sickness. But I feel so much better now and it’s been a joy to catch up and read what Medium writers have been writing.

I’ve started to save my favourite reads in a list so I can easily grab them for these posts. If you’re ever looking for something to read then you can just click my Favourite Reads link:

Favourite Reads

12 stories

Like round-up #2 I have, again, been attracted to articles about writing.

1.Starting with Michelle Ciani who has written a post called What Sort of Writer Are You? I found this intriguing as Michelle believes she is a ‘pantser’. But I personally like to have some knowledge of where I’m going with my writing. I like a bit of structure. We all have different processes and I love seeing how other people write.

2. If you like reading about the process of writing and putting together a novel then you’ll love magpie moon’s diary (#1 and #2) of an intuitive writer:



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